Our Story

     We  got our start by working with an existing kettle corn vendor for nearly a year. Working closely with them and learning the business gave my wife and I the fever for working with people and making the very best kettle corn in the state. In January 2015 Mr. Bill's Kettle Corn was born.

The first year was rough. In fact, after spending thousands of dollars on equipment and supplies, our first event was a bust! We sat there day after day and sold less than 10 bags total for the three days. It was one of those moments when you just put your head in your hands and ask yourself "What have I done!". But it got better. Much better! We learned and we continue to learn.

Now when we show up to an event, people who have had our corn come up to us and tell us how glad they are we are there. Try us out, you going to fall into love with our kettle corn and caramel corn. I promise.

Mr. Bill Hill