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The unique addictive flavor of kettle corn has made it a sought-after treat at fairs and outdoor festivals everywhere. So take a trip out to the county fair with a bag of our old-fashioned Kettle Corn. Your family will never want plain popcorn again!


Mr. Bill also makes the best caramel corn, cheese corn, and hot&spicy corn. Come on and try it!


Are you looking for a Kettle Corn vendor for your next event? Give us a try. Our schedule is always open..

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​Would you lookie there! We made it through 2018.
Happy 2019 everyone! May it be your best year ever.

Kettle corn is a slightly sweet, slightly salty popcorn snack. The salt and sugar form a crispy coating around the kernel making the perfect snack. Yummy! For those of you that know and love kettle corn, our recipe will have you following us from event to event to "git ya sum".

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